Funding Model Research

The  Canada Performing Arts Workers Resilience Fund is a federal emergency support program that provided assistance to independent and self-employed live performance workers who are experiencing financial hardship because of the pandemic in 2022-2023. The funding was distributed through non profit arts service organizations rather than a government department or arms length agency. These organizations – Unison Fund, the AFC, Canadian Dance Assembly, and la Foundation des artistes – serve their distinct sectors (e.g, theater or music) in a variety of ways as advocates, professional bodies, and now as arms length funding organizations. 

The Funding Model Research Project aims to better understand this funding model, examining effects on the service organizations individually and as a collective. It considers the potential shifts in the role of the organizations, the organizational capacity needed to administer funding, how the organizations distributed funding, and the role of government.

Research Documents

Here are the documents for the project:

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