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Dawson City Museum

The Dawson City Museum Project is a collaboration between the Dawson City Museum and Robin Nelson to document the Museum’s history in relation to government policy and community action.

The Dawson City Museum’s 60th anniversary is coming up, providing a great opportunity to both commemorate the Museum and critically reflect on its practices. More broadly, there are gaps in our understanding of community museums, their needs, and relationships to both government and community in what is now known as Canada. The Project aims to commemorate the Museum and address these gaps thanks to support from MacEwan University’s Community Engaged Scholarship Grant.

The Project involves document analysis and archival research on the Museum, community, and government policy. Current and former museum employees and volunteers are also being interviewed.

In 2022, we will release a podcast miniseries on the Museum and its history in time to celebrate its anniversary! There will also be updates posted as blog posts on an ongoing basis and, potentially, academic articles.

If you have any questions or would like to participate in the research, please contact Robin at nelsonr34@macewan.ca.

DCM Project Blog Post Index

Working Papers


Dawson City’s Community Attic: The Development of the Dawson City Museum from the 1950s to 1972

The Importance of People: The Dawson City Museum in the 1970s

Territorial Interest and Investment: The Dawson City Museum in the 1980s

A Community Hub: The Dawson City Museum in the 1990s

Working to Connect: The Dawson City Museum in the 21st Century


Inexpensive and Impressive but Challenging and Restrictive: A Consideration of Non-profit Museum Management in a Historic, Government-Owned Space

Comment Responses

The Lord Report


Interviews Part One

Interviews Part Two

Interviews Part Three



Pre-Interview Foundations

What rationale underlines and legitimizes government action targeting community museums in Yukon?

What actors support and regulate community museums in Yukon?

What interest groups or networks of significance exist in Yukon? What issues have they identified as significant?

A Week at the Dawson City Museum

Students and Employment

Case Studies

Cultural Policy and Advocacy Examples:

The Importance of a Marvelous Lunch

Property Tax as Cultural Policy?

Intersections with Employment Programs

Museum Management Examples:

Fire vs. Heritage


Dawson City Museum, 1950s

Dawson City Museum, 1960s

Dawson City Museum, 1970s

Dawson City Museum, 1980s

Dawson City Museum, 1990s

Dawson City Museum, 2000s

Dawson City Museum, 2010

National Museum Policies, 1970s

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