Exhibition: A Walk Through Indigenous Memory

By: Nicole Da Costa

A Walk-Through Indigenous Memory: A Student Exhibit is a collaboration between MacEwan’s Indigenous Students Club (MISC) and Nicole Da Costa to showcase the names, cultural backgrounds, and notable histories of Indigenous persons from across Canada. The exhibit was displayed in the Macewan library from April 4th to 8th 2022.


360 Tour and Images

  • Picture of Nicole Da Costa in the Exhibition

Names and Stories

Nathalie Prambrun

Jesse Cockney

Papaschase First Nation

Buffy SainteMarie

Nora Bernard


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Project Contributor Bios: 

Chelsea Currie is an Alumni of Yellowhead Tribal College, graduating in Indigenous social work. They are a current student of Mascwaci Cultural College, extending their studies. Chelsea currently does community work in the two-spirit community, including within the office of The Child and Youth Advocate, OCYA of Alberta, Two-Spirits in Motion, Two-spirited People of the First Nations, and Edmonton Two-Spirit society. They are also podcaster on Two-Spirits in motion. 

Cheyenne Greyeyes is the president of the MacEwan Indigenous Student’s Club. She is also a student research assistant at MacEwan, working alongside Dr. Cynthia Puddu from the Faculty of Health and Community Studies on a research project in partnership with Niginan Housing Ventures. Her research involves documenting the urban Indigenous housing initiative and its approach to preventing houselessness in urban Indigenous youth.

Crystal Pennell is the coordinator for the Kihew Waciston Indigenous centre at MacEwan University. 

Dr. Cynthia Zutter has been appointed Vice-Provost at MacEwan University since January 1, 2016. She holds the rank of professor in the Faculty of Arts and Science. She earned her master’s and Doctorate in anthropology from the University of Alberta. Dr. Zutter has worked as an archaeologist throughout the North Atlantic region, examining past interactions and the interplay of humans in their environment. 

Jeff Shofield is a Makers Space library technician at MacEwan University.

Kelsey Sorensen is the current vice president of MacEwan’s Indigenous Student’s Club. She is a studying anthropologist, and a passionate author working to expand Cree language revitalization by creating works of fiction centered around Indigenous experiences. 

Lindsey Whitson is a Health and Community Studies Librarian at MacEwan University. She works closely with kihêw waciston Indigenous Centre and other campus and community partners in support of Indigenous studies and reconciliation.

Martina King is a Business & Makerspace Librarian, and Coordinator of Learning & Engagement at Macewan University.

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