Teaching Resource: Mini Lecture on Museum Development

The history and development of museums in what we now call Canada is often misunderstood or not discussed. In this post, I am sharing a mini talk on the development of museums, which is embedded in my course. I would love to hear your thoughts – Did I miss anything you feel are important to consider?

Democratization of Culture: OHS Keynote Presentation

On October 5th I gave a keynote presentation at the Ontario Historical Society’s AGM. It was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on my research more fully. Here is the presentation: OHS Resources The Ontario Historical Society has some wonderful resources available online for researchers. OHS Bulletin: These are a wonderful source for those wanting caseContinue reading “Democratization of Culture: OHS Keynote Presentation”

Museoception: A Historical and Relational Consideration of Community Museums and Cultural Policy

I gave a presentation as part of the Maskwacis Cultural College’s micro learning opportunities today. It provides a general overview of some of my research and reflects on the value of this kind of research. Here is the video: