Teaching Resource: Mini Lecture on Museum Development

I am currently re-writing a course on Museum Management at MacEwan University. As part of the course, I have created some mini lectures. When I created Museoception, I originally conceived it as a place to share teaching resources. So… I am sharing!

The history and development of museums in what we now call Canada is often misunderstood or not discussed. In this post, I am sharing a mini talk on the development of museums, which is embedded in my course. I would love to hear your thoughts – Did I miss anything you feel are important to consider?

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  1. [Sorry for any duplication with this. Apparently, I was not logged in to the proper account to post my first attempt ( that may have disappeared into the ether. 😉

    Re community museums: I can’t recall if I had forwarded the following to you after any of our previous conversations:

    Thistle, Paul C. 1990 “Museums & Municipal Funding: Toward a Strategy for Increasing Local Government Support for Heritage Institutions.” The Pas, MB: Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Recreation & The Sam Waller Little Northern Museum https://miscellaneousmuseology.files.wordpress.com/2019/05/museums-municipal-funding-strategy-for-heritage-support-1990.pdf (accessed 11 April 2022). [It outlines & references Jolliffe’s (1987 & 1983) investigations of municipal museums in Canada. I also detail the history of the creation of The Sam Waller Museum by a private individual natural history enthusiast Sam Waller over many years, but formally established in 1958, now–since 1973 partially supported & subsequent to Mr. Waller’s death in 1978 when it became owned & operated by the Town of The Pas, MB.]

    Also see Thistle, Paul C. 1992. “Small Museums and Municipal Funding.” Muse [Canadian Museums Association] IX (3): 24-31 [as of 25 May 2020 this link was updated to include the French translation “Les Petits Musées et les Subventions Municipalities” including 2 additional images in the French version.] https://miscellaneousmuseology.files.wordpress.com/2020/05/thistle-1992-municipal-museums-complete-final-1.pdf (accessed 11 April 2022).

    More biographical & museum-related details on the founder of The Sam Waller Museum are found in Thistle, Paul C. 2012. “Teacher & Lay Missionary Sam Waller & His Museum Venture.” PowerPoint presented at the Gateways North Northern Manitoba Centennial Symposium, University College of the North, The Pas, MB, on3 May at https://miscellaneousmuseology.files.wordpress.com/2020/06/gateways-north-waller.pptx (accessed 11 April 2022) [narration to be added as time permits. See specific Museum-related slides 13-30].

    Apologies for any duplication with this.

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