Democratization of Culture: OHS Keynote Presentation

On October 5th I gave a keynote presentation at the Ontario Historical Society’s AGM. It was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on my research more fully.

Here is the presentation:

OHS Resources

The Ontario Historical Society has some wonderful resources available online for researchers.

  • OHS Bulletin: These are a wonderful source for those wanting case studies and examples of historical societies’ activities over time. They were valuable to my research on Ontario Community Museum governance when doing my PhD.
  • Ontario History: As the name suggests, this is a journal about Ontario History. There are some great articles! I wrote an article about the OHS’ role in community museum development in their Spring 2021 issue here.
  • ELibrary: Members can access past publications. These are really neat. They provide insights on best practices and concerns for historic sites and societies over time.
  • Annual Reports: I am a big fan of reading annual reports. They provide insights into the organization’s development, but also the major concerns of heritage organizations from a policy perspective over time.


For those who watched the presentation, what do you think? What did I get wrong / right? Where should I be looking in future research to better understand the development of Canadian community museums?

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