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Museums and cultural institutions in what is now known as Canada operate within a complex policy environment with support and regulations from multiple levels of government and service organizations. Robin and Chris are working to both assemble and create audio-visual materials and other digital tools to facilitate learning about the development of community museums and cultural policies within this distinct Canadian context.

Museoception or Canadian Cultural Policy Network Resources


The Canadian Cultural Policy bibliography is publicly visible on Zotero by clicking here. The bibliography is a work in progress. If you’re a student, academic, or practitioner interested in Canadian cultural policies, please join as a member and help the bibliography grow!

I wrote a post about it here.

Case Studies and the Dawson City Museum Project

As part of the Dawson City Museum Project, we will create a podcast mini series and other resources that can be used in course development. As the research is ongoing, I (Robin) will create case study posts with the content I am using in museum management or cultural policy courses. Those posts are indexed below and feedback is welcome.

Culture and Local Governance

Culture and Local Governance is an open access journal from the Centre on Governance at the University of Ottawa available by clicking here. While it is not focused exclusively on what is now known as Canada, it publishes articles on the relationship between culture and local governance. For example, Robin published an article on student employment policies as implicit cultural policies, which is available here.

Index of Posts About Relevant Resources


Shared Bibliography on Cultural Policy

Case Studies

See Dawson City Museum Project

Employment Programs as Cultural Policy


Artful Conversations and Standing By

BC Museum Portraits Project


See Presentations

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