Podcasts: Artful Conversations and Standing By

By Robin Nelson

Teaching resources posts aim to promote and document online resources for learning about museums, cultural policy, and cultural management in what is now known as Canada.

I love podcasts for both learning and “required readings” when teaching. When I began teaching in arts and cultural management, I had (and still have) a lot of learning to do about the different subsectors. As a museum person with a PhD in Public Administration, there is a lot I do not know about areas like performing arts and the music industry.

Two podcasts have been particularly helpful.

Artful Conversations

Artful Conversations is a great podcast produced by my colleagues at MacEwan University. In the episodes, Annetta Latham and Katrina Regan-Ingram talk to leaders in arts and cultural management about current trends.

The podcast website is wonderful and includes transcripts of all the episodes (here).

Standing By

Standing By was a student recommendation and has been a great way to learn about theater in Canada. Maddy Henry (a stage manager) talks to people who work behind the scenes in the theater world in Canada.

I cannot find a website or transcripts, but the episodes are available here.


How about you? Do you have any podcast suggestions for students and academics in arts and cultural management within what is now known as Canada?

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