Interview Analysis: Tourism Role

As someone who loves museums but recognizes they are colonial constructs, I often wonder: What, exactly, is the contemporary role of a museum within a community? Do they perpetuate and reinforce colonial narratives or do they serve other functions?

In the working paper Dawson City’s Community Attic, I discussed the critical role of tourism to the Dawson City Museum’s establishment and early development. Within this post, I consider the interview with the Dawson City Museum’s curator to examine the Museum’s contemporary role in tourism.

Interview Analysis: How do I Consider Space?

Within this post, I consider descriptions of the Old Territorial Administration Building (OTAB). The building and its relationship to the Dawson City Museum (DCM) is a major theme within both the interview and archival data. As such, I am writing a paper on the building, examining the challenges and benefits it has provided the Museum. However, I am a little stuck. I do not know how to consider the descriptions below.

Dawson City’s Community Attic: The Development of the Dawson City Museum from the 1950s to 1972

The Dawson City Museum project asks – How has the Dawson City Museum evolved in relation to government policy and community action?  We are taking two approaches to answering the question. First, we are considering the data chronologically to discuss the evolution of the Museum over time. Second, we have developed key themes related to policy and community. ToContinue reading “Dawson City’s Community Attic: The Development of the Dawson City Museum from the 1950s to 1972”

Timeline: Dawson City Museum, 2000s

Last updated : February 15, 2022 As part of the Dawson City Museum Project, I am creating timelines of the Museum’s development in relation to government policy and community action (1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s). Museum Operations Government Policy First Nation Federal Canada – Yukon Territorial Local Community Action Questions References Museum OperationsContinue reading “Timeline: Dawson City Museum, 2000s”

Archival Photo Finds: Quilted Emotions

After a very intensive week in the Dawson City Museum archives, I am sorting, reading, and analyzing what I found. In order to help with analysis, I discussed archival documents as part of the Archival Research series. The Archival Photo Finds series similarly considers the stories archival photos can tell.   Within this post, I lookContinue reading “Archival Photo Finds: Quilted Emotions”

Archival Photo Find: Jubilee Doll Photos

In preparation for the celebrations, the Dawson City Museum employed people to create Jubilee Dolls under the banner “Big Cabin Crafts.” Within this post, I look at photos of these Jubilee Dolls and their creation.